CO2 Laser Build

Welcome to the Laser Build!


Here are some links for materials used in the Laser build

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Main outer frame


Spring loaded Nuts

Rail Support Brackets

Main outer frame


Linear Motion Rail Screws

Rail Nuts


Shaft coupler

Belt tensioner


Pillow Block

Motor Mounts


Cloudray Ruida RDC6445S Co2 Laser Controller for Laser Engraver and Cutter Machine RDC DSP 6445S 6445G

Power supply

This is the first of, hopefully, a few different videos as I progress towards a full CO2 laser build. I started with a Glowforge and I loved what it was capable of but really wanted what it lacked. I love my Glowforge and still use it, would definitely recommend it. If you intend to buy one use my code please!

Getting started on the Laser Build

Some details

I don’t have any drawing of this or 3d models yet. I intend to make them at the end, but for now everything is from my head as I go. That said, there are some details that I know already.

The overall footprint of the machine is 1500mm by 1500mm (roughly 5 by 5 feet)

The height, so far is about 1 foot

The laser I intend to use is a 90 watt CO2 laser.