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The Laser

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All of my designs are made for and with a Glowforge laser. I love mine but I am limited by size unfortunately. Stay tuned as I intend to make my own and document the process. In the meantime, if you want to buy your own laser, I would definitely recommend a Glowforge. Use my code for $100 off

Any of the links you see here are affiliate links from stuff I actually buy and use. I wouldn’t recommend anything I don’t use personally and, if the quality of any of it starts to slip, I will adjust accordingly. When I watch videos of people crafting, I always wonder where their stuff came from, so I make sure to put it somewhere. Clicking on any of the links, even if you don’t buy anything, goes a long way to help support the free download section.

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Laser Engraving Image Optimizer

Three Toed Bear Image Engraving Optimizer


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