Free Downloads

Free Downloads

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The Laser

The Links

All of my designs are made for and with a Glowforge laser. I love mine but I am limited by size unfortunately. Stay tuned as I intend to make my own and document the process. In the meantime, if you want to buy your own laser, I would definitely recommend a Glowforge. Use my code for $100 off

Any of the links you see here are affiliate links from stuff I actually buy and use. I wouldn’t recommend anything I don’t use personally and, if the quality of any of it starts to slip, I will adjust accordingly. When I watch videos of people crafting, I always wonder where their stuff came from, so I make sure to put it somewhere. Clicking on any of the links, even if you don’t buy anything, goes a long way to help support the free download section.

15 thoughts on “Free Downloads

  1. Files are the best!! Love creating three toed bear files. They come out amazing!!

  2. Could you please send me the cup holder file??

    1. Andrena, the cup holder should be on the free downloads page. Is it not showing up for you??

  3. Nate, Jenny from the Glowforge site.
    I will send you some files that you can post for FREE.
    Just give me a couple weeks.
    I’m thinking some Initial Monogram Medallions that could be added to your sunglass/product shelf or items that would fit with your tiered tray – that one will be dog themed, just so you know!
    I design with vectors, but always include PNG files with a transparent background for product mock-ups as well.

  4. Thank you for the great files

  5. Thank you so much!

  6. thank you for the AWESOME FILES!!!!

  7. WOW! I just am starting to do laser cutting and now I can download these quick and easy files to learn how to use my laser. Thanks for these files. I now have a variety to choose from, the instructions I need and this whole site for me to explore. I have plenty of ideas for gifts that I can start now and to be ready for next Xmas. This will be lots of fun for me now that I have time to do in my retirement. I know where I am going to spend my time and money in the coming months. Thanks again.

  8. As a teacher using a GF in my elementary classroom, I love being able to find free files to cut to inspire my Ss to design their own items. Thank you for your generosity!

    1. Thanks so much Cynthia, if you need anything designed for your students please reach out to [email protected]. I love being able to give back to the community, especially schools

  9. I am new to using my laser and I accidentally came across this site. Wow! How wonderful of the users to contribute these great projects for other users to work with. I am learning to use these and by trial and error, I am learning about the settings needed to create a finished project without a mess. I have done parts without enough power to go through the thinest of balsa wood and I have burnt the entire surface with too much power and not enough watching what is going on. Anyway, a big thanks from a true newbie to lasers for giving me a chance to work on meaningful and fun projects.

  10. Love your files! Thank you for your generosity in sharing files for free 🙂

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