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Three toed bear

Welcome to the Three Toed Bear! However you found me, I am glad you did. I hope you find everything and anything you’re looking for, and if not, just shoot me a message. You can find me on any of the social accounts linked above or message me here. Any likes, follows, subscriptions are truly appreciated!

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The story behind the name

The name, Three Toed Bear, comes from a story my uncle used to tell us when we were at his camp in the mountain. My uncle, Uncle Stinky, would hunt every winter with my father. One season, while hunting, they shot at a bear, and hit it . . . sort of. They shot the bear in the foot, removing two of its toes. They used the story to scare us into behaving and going to bed when we were supposed to. It backfired when we were too scared to go to the outhouse by ourselves though. We would visit the mountain once or twice a year, and every year the story would grow more real. Somehow, over time, the bear became Old Uncle Three Toes, though, I don’t know why we thought the bear was related. 

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