The Ever-Snowing Ornament

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This is the wooden version of the Ever-Snowing Ornament


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Wood Version

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! This is a Ever-Snowing Ornament Digital Download only! Geared for people with CNC, plasma cutters, laser cutters, etc. You will not receive this as a Ever-Snowing Ornament in the mail. Since there is no way to return a digital download, there are no refunds either.

There are instructions included in the download and it is really simple to put together.

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Ever Snowing Ornament Instructions (76 downloads)

Download the instructions here if you want to see how to build it.

Some Recommended Products


The acrylic for this project came from CMS Acrylics and I love their variety and shipping speed. Great prices and quality, overall zero complaints. Before I found them I used this #ad and this project actually used the last of that as well. I would recommend either.


The wood for this project came from Ocooch Hardwoods though I often use #ad as well. Please read a but about the project though because it doesn’t work as well with wood.

Making Tape:

You NEED masking tape for this project. Please read the instructions about why but I would highly recommend #ad I also use #ad as well. It doesn’t adhere quite as well but it is one of only a few 12 inch wide rolls I could find. I like it so far because of how easy it is to get off.

Glue Dispenser:

If you want to make gluing a lot easier I recommend #ad with #ad. It really helps!

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Some info

The ornament is about 6 inches wide and may take about a sheet and a half depending on the color combo used.

Please test cut the fits before cutting every piece. These are dimensioned to the exact dimension specified and are not kerf compensated. They are dimensioned for 1/8 inch material. I don’t have a lot of experience with kerf cutting. This is my first attempt, so I don’t know how much modification I can do to the sizes. If your willing to test the files though, I can try.

File types included are SVG and the kerf cut is a DXF file.

Acrylic Version

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